RootsTech Conference

Monday, October 20, 2014


Google Books:
I made this awesome accidental discovery at school today. I was on so I could get accurate information and I found this website called It allows you to look up books. I found one I was about to buy for family history. It is awesome. It also gives you a link so you can buy it if you want to keep it.
 This website allows you to get more credited information of the internet. You don't get any or or junk. You get actual information that is very solid.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Temple trip

A couple days ago our youth group got the opportunity to go to the temple. When we got there we saw just how full the temple was. There was a line around the baptistry and they had to open a new room for waiting. It was one of the best temple trips in my life. Waiting so long helped you feel the spirit even more. I was thinking that even though we think the temple is full, we can't even see how full it is. All of those people waiting for their baptisms to be done. It was also special because there were devotionals by the matron of the temple. I could feel my great grandpa there. It was a very special experience.

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