RootsTech Conference

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Innovators Summit

I hope everyone is getting excited for RootsTech! It is coming up so fast, 2017 is literally around the corner. Just recently the semi finalists  for innovators summit have been announced, they are as follows:
Champollion 2.0: 
This is an amazing tool for reading old documents! It can help see through the wear and tear that documents gather over time. 

OldNews USA:
This app allows you to access old newspapers, it has potential to be a great resource.

This lets you share stories behind old photos, I think its pretty cool!

CSI: Crowd Sourced Indexing:
This is all about making indexing better.

Double Match Triangulator:
I absolutely love this one! It was created to help your DNA results make more sense. It's perfect for newbies like me :)

This is all about storing photos and stories in the cloud. It has quite a bit of competition with plenty of other programs like it.

This app is connected to familysearch and allows you to scan in photos and such.

This combines CSI and Emberall, it has CSI and cloud storage. 

This app helps you find people you're related to.

This is geared toward youth like myself, I especially appreciate how it is engaging my generation!

 To learn more check out Rootstech's website:

or watch my instagram (@genealogyrambler) I will be featuring one of these every week. 

Happy new year!