RootsTech Conference

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The genealogy side of my birthday

Today is my birthday! I am officially 13. My awesome grandparents gave me 13 dollars for my birthday and by chance the book Genealogy standards happens to be about 13 dollars. I am going to buy the book tomorrow seeing as today is Sunday. I also got some money from my other grand-parents and I am thinking about saving up for Ancestry DNA, because I am starting to get more and more into the research part of genealogy. If you have any tips PLEASE share them. My birthday list was pretty straight-forward.:

-Chromebook (For genealogy research in a quite place, my house is loud :))
-DNA experiment kit (It was to learn about DNA)
-Genealogy standards book (Pretty self explanatory)
-3 drawer rolling cart (To organize my genealogy records)

It all would be very helpful. I have been using the DNA kit which my aunt gave to me. I will to a post about it and what I've learned in a couple of days. But it has been great so far and I have learned a lot, I really knew nothing about DNA until this kit. All the websites I have looked at were to confusing and the DNA kit cleared it up and I think I can understand most of the websites now!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

New partners

Many people already know that FamilySearch has partners, Ancestry, My Heritage, and, Find my Past. That in itself is exciting, you get more records! But what some people haven't heard is that slowly people are getting memberships to those places for free. FamilySearch randomly chooses some of its members and sends them emails saying the get free membership. They say they will be done in about 3 months. I have heard that Ancestry is keeping 1% of its records that you have to pay to see. If you don't have the free membership yet, your local family history center does. Family history consultants should have already gotten free membership, and if you are a family history consultant and have not received a free membership can email:
They also have said that youth consultants do not receive them yet, but they are working on it. 

Utah will not receive free membership last, that is just a rumor, they give it out on a random basis, but you have to have logged on in the last 6 months. (I think)

If you have free membership and have a problem with one of the sites FamilySearch asks you not to email the problems to them but to contact the partners:
Ancestry: 1-800-262-3787
Find my Past:
My Heritage: 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I just submitted my 5th presentation proposal, and I am now learning that it is a long wait until July 25th. I can't wait to see if I get in. I feel like I have good material. But I also have no experience at all. I've done a few classes for my ward (in fact there is one today) but that really is my only experience. My opinion is that you have to start somewhere. RootsTech is drawing closer everyday but it still is not close enough. I  get really inspired listening to the speakers (unlike listening to my sick sister moan) and over the whole conference I expand my experience and knowledge.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Recording the stories

I was on amazon one day, looking for a present for my grandma, and I found this cool book. It has a question they answer about themselves  for everyday of the year. It was to expensive for me, (7$ per book). So I decided to make my own. I went to Walmart and bought a cheap, but nice looking notebook. I have started writing my own questions in the book. When I'm done writing the questions I am going to give it to my great grandpa and grandma. They will each fill one out and give it back. These books are going to make priceless heirlooms. Imagine if you had one from your great grandparents.