RootsTech Conference

Friday, February 10, 2017

RootsTech Days 2 & 3

We started off the day bright and early with a tour of the expo hall. It was super cool to see the final touches going up.

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After an amazing tour we headed over to the keynote. The property brothers did an amazing job! I loved hearing them speak about their family.

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Another cool thing that RootsTech has is innovators alley in the expo hall. I went and visited the vendors there, they have a lot of cool ideas!

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That night, after a wonderful dinner at the Nauvoo cafe, I attended the Hammerstein Mormon tab concert with my grandparents. At the concert Forever announced their partnership with family search.

I started off the day crazy!! I slept through my alarm and so my dad woke me right as we were supposed to leave. I'm pretty sure I got ready in record time. We made it right before the keynote was going to start. It was amazing! Levar Burton gave a stirring address and there wasn't a dry eye in the room! After him Kenyatta Berry, Sheri Camp, and, Melvin Collier spoke.
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At the end of the keynote, they had a choir come and sing, It was awesome!

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As everyone left to go to their various classes we stayed put and watched the innovators showdown. Remember how I said I left in a rush? Well as the showdown was starting I looked down to see my shirt inside out!! Some days your on top of your game, and other days you wander around RootsTech with an inside out shirt. After I got over that shock :), I turned my attention toward the showdown. It was intense! After some deliberation, the judges decided to choose OldNews USA as the innovators showdown winner.

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I didn't attend the cultural night, but I'm sure it was amazing! Hope to see you at family discovery day tomorrow! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

RootsTech Day 1: Innovators Summit

This was my 1st year attending innovators summit, and it was aweome! We started off the day with a great keynote by Liz Wiseman.
She taught us about "Rookie Smarts" Some of my takeaways were:
-Beginners often can solve impossible problems just because they don't know that it's impossible.
-Put in the work and take the risk
-When we become comfortable we begin to expect things and we will sometimes miss the obvious solution.
-Always push yourself!
She is such a great speaker and I highly reccomend reading one of her books, especilaly if you didn't get to see her speak.

Another big part of the day was watching the semi-finaliats pitch their ideas to the judges.

Later that night we attended the 80's party, it was a blast!

Towards the end of the party they annoced the innovators summit finalists were announced. 
They are: 
-Double Match Triangulator
-OldNews USA

I had a great time today, and I can't wait until tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

RootsTech: T-10 days

 What's in my bag (and other necessity's):

With RootsTech right around the corner I've been packing my bags! Here's whats inside:

Folder: I always bring either a folder or a binder to keep all my papers and handouts from the conference. I also bring my notebook/journal to keep notes in.

Writing utensil: To go along with my notebook I bring pens and pencils. I've found it's easier to read my notes later if I alternate colors when I write them. 

Water bottle: This one is kinda obvious but it's nice to have water when you've been walking all day.

Snacks: As a high school student I know that, one of the only ways to make through the day is to have snacks between classes.

Umbrella: Generally I would only bring this if the forecast shows snow or rain but, that being said the weather can be rather sporadic and unpredictable.

Warmth (Gloves, jacket/coat): Seeing as we have such awesome weather in Utah, a jacket is a must! If you're going to be doing a lot of walking outside gloves are also pretty awesome. I live an hour south of Salt Lake and every morning it's between 14 and 25 degrees.

Shoes: The Salt Palace center is huge! Every year the conference expands, so, as a result the distance we walk becomes longer and longer. Make sure to bring good shoes or by the end of the day your feet will be cursing you! 😩

Phone : It is a tech conference after all! Make sure to post plenty of picture using the hashtag #rootstech

See you in 10 days!