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Friday, July 25, 2014


I was just on Ancestrys website and I was looking at their DNA page and I found this:

How It Works

Applying DNA science to family history

What you inherited

There’s only one YOU — you’re unique. Yet you share common connections to the family in your past. Those connections are found in your DNA.
Think of DNA as the internal set of blueprints that your body follows to make you who you are. Much like a fingerprint, each person’s particular combination of DNA is unique.
But, unlike that fingerprint, your DNA was passed down to you by your ancestors. And that makes it an unparalleled tool for family history research.

Why DNA runs in families

Here’s how it works: you get half of your DNA from your father and half from your mother. They, in turn, got their DNA from their parents, who got it from theirs, and so on. While the particular combination inherited from a single set of parents makes each person unique, the shared genetic details of family members are what link you back to people born throughout history.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Worldwide indexing event

I am so sorry I didn't do a post about it earlier but I have had a really busy month and I haven't always had Internet. I will do so much better when school starts because we won't have a ton of vacations. But I just did a batch to contribute to the worldwide indexing event. It is an awesome feeling to know that I am helping to break a record. I hope you did it to. I was worried the site was going to crash with so many people contributing. There were also no beginner records by the time I got there so I did my first intermediate record! It actually was not that hard, I enjoyed it. I just got the free LDS memberships to the 3 different sites and I'm getting know them right now and will start doing posts about them. I have found My Heritage to be the most useful.

RootsTech presenters will be notified in 4, almost 3 days. So if you are trying to present keep an eye out for that email!

Friday, July 11, 2014

The learning center

Family Search has this great section on their website. It is called the learning center. The name of the learning center is really self explanatory, it is where you learn. This section has videos galore, I have watched quite a few. There are long ones and there are short ones, a family history consultant in our ward suggested a video titled: Beginning genealogy mistakes. It teaches you about the mistakes you need to avoid it is about half and hour long. To get to the learning center go to: family the on the top right click the get help button. It will open a drop down and on the self help side there is a line called learning center. That will take you a different page with a bunch of videos to watch.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BYU genealogy conference

BYU has a genealogy conference soon! I am almost signed for the whole thing! Being a student really has it advantages I'm paying 20 dollars for the whole conference. I will be blogging about the conference during it, I don't believe they have official bloggers like RootsTech. The conference will take place July, 29, 30, 31, and August 1.  A new awesome thing is a free youth day and free family history consultant training. It is a fairly priced conference. Anyway, Here is the important information:

Date: July 29,30,31 and August, 1st
         -The Youth day is July 29th (Tuesday)
         -The Consultant day is August 1st (Friday)

Non-credit: 180 (includes CD syllubus)
Credit: 484 (includes CD syllubus)
Student non-credit: 20
Student credit: 484
Plus many many more!

Use this link to get to the classes

The website has more information and I will blog some more on it as it gets closer, lodgeing, food, etc.
In the next couple of days I will try to give you all the information I can.