RootsTech Conference

Thursday, February 12, 2015

RootsTech, Day One

The first keynote today was Dennis Brimhall, CEO of FamilySearch. He introduced family discovery centers, and partnerships. He also mentioned the FamilySearch app gallery. The URL is . The second keynote was Mike Mallin the chief product officer of MyHeritage. He talked about his personal experiences in Genealogy. My favorite quote from him is: "Any sufficiently advances technology is indistinguishable from magic".  The final keynote speaker was Tan Le. She is a refugee from Vietnam with an amazing story. Her mother, grandmother, and sister fled the war shaken country together. They lived in fear of being caught by pirates, drowning, etc. Years later Tan Le founded emotiv. An amazing very techie company. I also went to a consultant class today and it was awesome! Check out a video from the class at On that page click on grow your tree. I went to a genetic class followed by APIs 101. After that my dad and I wandered through the expo hall till dinner. In the expo hall we discovered the family discovery center put on by familysearch. We loved it! I discoverd the meaning of my name and looked at famous reletives. The story part would not load but I inteand to go back tomarrow and record my great great grandmothers story in their recording booth.

Tip: When we got here we went to the keynote right away because there was an hour long line to pick up our stuff. It most likely won't be as long as a line Friday and Saturday but its still nice to get here early. If you want a good seat when you come to the keynote get here early, with FGS and RootsTech it is crazy full!

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