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Sunday, June 22, 2014

The genealogy side of my birthday

Today is my birthday! I am officially 13. My awesome grandparents gave me 13 dollars for my birthday and by chance the book Genealogy standards happens to be about 13 dollars. I am going to buy the book tomorrow seeing as today is Sunday. I also got some money from my other grand-parents and I am thinking about saving up for Ancestry DNA, because I am starting to get more and more into the research part of genealogy. If you have any tips PLEASE share them. My birthday list was pretty straight-forward.:

-Chromebook (For genealogy research in a quite place, my house is loud :))
-DNA experiment kit (It was to learn about DNA)
-Genealogy standards book (Pretty self explanatory)
-3 drawer rolling cart (To organize my genealogy records)

It all would be very helpful. I have been using the DNA kit which my aunt gave to me. I will to a post about it and what I've learned in a couple of days. But it has been great so far and I have learned a lot, I really knew nothing about DNA until this kit. All the websites I have looked at were to confusing and the DNA kit cleared it up and I think I can understand most of the websites now!!

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