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Monday, July 21, 2014

Worldwide indexing event

I am so sorry I didn't do a post about it earlier but I have had a really busy month and I haven't always had Internet. I will do so much better when school starts because we won't have a ton of vacations. But I just did a batch to contribute to the worldwide indexing event. It is an awesome feeling to know that I am helping to break a record. I hope you did it to. I was worried the site was going to crash with so many people contributing. There were also no beginner records by the time I got there so I did my first intermediate record! It actually was not that hard, I enjoyed it. I just got the free LDS memberships to the 3 different sites and I'm getting know them right now and will start doing posts about them. I have found My Heritage to be the most useful.

RootsTech presenters will be notified in 4, almost 3 days. So if you are trying to present keep an eye out for that email!

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  1. I also had to do an intermediate file as well! Yay for record breaking!