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Friday, November 14, 2014


As I was sitting in science waiting for the bell to ring I thought that genealogy is not so different from the scientific method. For me religion is also involved, I am not saying genealogy is purely scientific.  But think about it. Here are the steps to it along with example of how you might use it.

Ask a question: Who is Mary Jane's spouse?

Do background research: Check different sources

Construct a Hypothesis: My Heritage says he is Robert James but Ancestry says it is James Jones

Test your hypothesis by doing at experiment: Genealogy is not about experimenting but finding
evidence to back it up so I changed this one to, Test you hypothesis by gathering evidence:James and Mary have the same kids and Family Search has James listed as Mary's spouse.

Analyze data and get a conclusion: James must be Mary's Spouse

Communicate your results: Add James to your family tree

The Scientific method is the method that most people use while researching, except they have a PURPOSE not a QUESTION.

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  1. Very cool to use things you are learning and incorporating them into your life. Religion is always involved because of your conversion level. Love ya girl.