RootsTech Conference

Sunday, November 16, 2014

RootsTech and a ice cream sundae

RootsTech can be compared to a Ice Cream Sundae:
The Ice cream and delicious syrups are the base. But no Sundae is complete without the cherry.  
          The cherry is not a necessity but adds just the right touch to an amazing desert. 

The Ice cream stands for the classes
The Syrups  and whipped cream stands for the expo hall
The Cherry stands for the events
The whole amazing desert stands for an amazing conference.

The cherry ends the day perfectly. Roots Tech has really awesome events:

Thursday: Alex Boye and his one voice children's choir, if you have not heard them look it up on YouTube. It is amazing.
Friday: Cultural event and extended hours at the expo hall
Saturday: Studio C and  other popular entertainers. I love studio c, one of my favorites is prop switch, look it up on YouTube. 

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  1. Is the conference in February? How exciting that Alex Boye is going there.