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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Making Buttons

One of the classes I take is CTE. CTE teaches you many skills. The CTE class I'm in is the one that focus's on technology and today we get to make buttons. I decided to base mine on family history. I'm not quite sure how to incorporate it, but I am going to try. I'm actually writing this in class right now while I wait for him to start us on making buttons. Its time now, I'll finish this later.

Okay. I made the buttons and it was awesome! I put a picture of my great-great grandmother Ruby on one button, and a picture of my great-great grandmother Ruby from the other side of the family on the other button. If I read my teachers expression correctly, he  was a little bit surprised to see black and white photos. He asked me if they were my ancestors and I said yes. I felt them there after school. They were pleased that I had chosen to put them on the only buttons I will most likely make in my life. I felt the spirit so strongly, and when I pick up the buttons, I know that they are there.

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