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Friday, April 11, 2014

Where did your ancestors come from?

Where did your ancestors come from? There is an easy answer to it. Roots mapper. Roots mapper lets you see where your family came from and where they immigrated too. Roots Mapper is on Apple to. It is called Family Map. It is slightly different than the website. The URL is:       Here are some screen shots of Roots Mapper:

Displaying photo 4.PNG

This is the first screen you see, it shows a map.

Displaying photo 2.PNG

This lets you choose how many generations you want to see.

Displaying photo 1.PNG

In this I wanted to see five generations.

The mobile app is like this:

Displaying photo 2.PNG

This is the page you see when you open it.

Displaying photo 1.PNG
This is showing eight generations. Sadly, you can't choose how many generations.

Roots Mapper is awesome! It is really cool to see where your ancestors came from, two were born in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

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