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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Getting excited

We had a family history consultant meeting at our house on Sunday. It was to train the other 3 youth that were called. They all had varied levels of boredom on their face. But one of the youth there thought she was going to die. She said: "Does anything about this face read excitement?" Nothing about the face did AT ALL! But she had to stay so she listened. After we had finished the instruction part it was time to actually try it. My dad was starting up a new office so we had 20 computers at our house. Everyone choose a computer and logged into FamilySearch. She still was not excited. I was worried about this, so I said a quick prayer in my mind. Minutes later we had found 6 family names for her to take to the temple. Right then her demeanor changed from please let me go home to, this is awesome! She said she was going to go around bragging at school and find names at school. My mom said: " Once you taste the spirit of Elijah, you want more." It is true. Try it for yourself.

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