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Friday, May 2, 2014

Rootstech takeaways Day one, Thursday

I finally edited my Roots tech notes, some of them are absolute gibberish, as I did not look when taking notes, (I think I'll look next year.)

The first day:

Keynote Session:

sources to use:
Family maps
Family maps is a app

Obituaries have lots of leads, date of birth, date of death, relatives, etc.

Start with the heart:

Helping people feel the spirit is more important then giving them an overload of information
Start with the heart, not charts

Family History Consultant jobs:

1. Help members feel the spirit

2. Minister with other ward leaders

3. Get the help you need

4. Teach patrons to fish

Detail about Family History Consultant jobs:

Help members feel spirit:

Stories are a great way to help them feel the spirit

If they are raised in the church and say their family tree is done you need to keep adding onto the cousins and childrens lines. if that is all done have them look at the stories, and find all the stories add more!  Find sources to back it up.

Click on memories then photos, you will then see the photos of your ancestors. It's like instagram, there is a new photo every day, go to memories, then people and then you can click on the picture and you will see all their pictures, above that there is a "view my relationship" button,  if you click on it then it will show you your relationship with that person.

New convert, no tree/ no records?  Use the "My family book"! It is good way to get started for the youth, children, etc.

After they fill out the booklet you can enter it in to the website and you are started!!!

Helper function

You find it then help them find it don't just tell them. They will feel the spirit more if they find it on their own.

If you use the search button then you can find new indexed records.

 To turn the hearts, leaders guide book

Ask not what they can do to help family history. Ask what family history can do to help them!

New converts are less likely to become inactive if you get them to the temple within the next 3 months.

"Today, hundreds of her descendants..... are the beneficiaries"

1 in every 5 new consultants is a youth.

Every new missionary must report to the M T C with a 4 generation family chart

Help 11 year olds find names for the temple

Family history enables true conversion

Get their Email and get back to them

Search on for Family history consultant then, click on it and you are on the family history consultant page

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

For youth:

Ask, what do you want to do?

Empty tree, fill it

Work is all done, COUSINS

Register for Family history consultant newsletter

FamilySeach whats new and whats next: is read only

New features 2013

Search feature, if you want you can click view document so you can makes sure it is real information,

Image source, you can add pictures or documents.   You can click upload, then attach and it is a source

Some people have multiple wifes or multiple husbands, you can choose a different wife or husband, if you choose a different wife you see different children and different ancestors, same with the husband.

Whats Next:

Mobile applications

Get the Living into family tree, out of new family tree
        life sketch
        edit vitals
        change log

Record hinting, find matching records automatically

Descendancy View:

see descendants of an ancestors

Mobile app: (on beta)

Family tree viewer

Beta is going to be released in April or May
Beta for memories will be released in March

To tag people on family memories, you do it like you do on instagram

Ask The Experts:
Learn about DNA

Help number:


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