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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My sorry attempt at a poem

My feelings

Sometimes I feel sad or blue, but soon I remember, those great
ancestors who carried on much better than you, they were better
than me, they went through more,
and then, I think that I can handle it more.

But soon after that I start to break down and 
have to take another look at their hardships.
It carries me on if I feel them near, I know that they 
were a teenager to. 

Take Ruby Nielson for instance, she did much more
her struggles abounded compared to mine. She had to pay for
a room close to her high school. There was no bus for her.
her whole family got sick, including her. Someone
had to take care of all them. 

She couldn't go to college as she and her folks were
to poor. She got a job and Fonnsbeck's Kniting Factory
She finally could go, yet she still had to work while doing her homework
mine must not be that bad. The Great Depression ran its
course picking up Ruby on the way. They were poor and had bad
hours for working on that railroad.

On October 1931 they had to care for a youngin' to! 
she had no peaceful nights. In 1932 they had to say goodbye
to their mother to. Their father, well he was gone in 10 months.
They were left with little Blaine born in 1931. In 1935 they had to care for Milo to.

He brought every hardship and trouble to. He was sick 
and often disrupted everything, and soon he was fine.

The worst year by far was 1943, her husband got shot 
down by asthma that won't go a way. Multiple times everyday,
he would almost die. He would choke and choke until
the fit passed him by. 

With faithful friends who prayed for him
his heath began to improve. In November he 
got a job, but 2 weeks later got bad with a 
cold. That nasty cold turned into pleurisy pneumonia
and his pain was so much, and went on for 2 years.

Then this faithful lady, said "Lord, if you don't
want him to live, please let him die for all this 
suffering is to much" She loved this man
with all her heart, so much that she wanted
him to die if it would help.

He died in 1970, congestive heart failure is what it was
and as for dear, Ruby who I've learned so much from,
she died in 1983.

I found out just now that she was a genealogist to,
I wonder if she also turned to her ancestors,
just to survive.

After learning all about her life,
I know that I can survive. For
she did much more and was

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  1. Ruby, that was a great poem. What a tribute to our family. Thanks for sharing with me what you know.