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Saturday, May 24, 2014


It has been a crazy week! I had to get stitches because I fell of my bike (okay, crashed it) and split open my chin. I still finished the triathlon though. I don't know if anyone saw the family history consultant broadcast 2 days ago, but it was pretty awesome. I loved the way they did their PowerPoint! The information was great to. I'll summarize the syllabus for you:

How do we spark interest and build enthusiasm for family history?
That is a really great question, I know many people who could do it but don't. They're just not excited.

Start with stories:
"Share an inspiring story about one of your ancestors. Ask others to share stories about their ancestors."
A great activity I just thought of, would be to have every one find a story about an ancestor and share it around a campfire.

Use the booklet:
Help others, particularly new members, complete the booklet My family: stories that bring us together.
Another idea I thought of, would be to give the primary children the booklet. My little brother loves it. He'll draw pictures of them and color it.

Transfer to tree:
Help others transfer information from the booklet to family tree and prepare family ordinance request forms.
Getting 11 year old involved in family names, would be a great way. I think for a personal progress I will see if I can teach the 11 year old activity girls how to find names.

Go to to:
  • Order a booklet
  • Transfer information form your booklet to Family Tree
  • Learn how to use the Help others feature
  • Use the help others feature to transfer information from someone else's booklet to Family Tree

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  1. These are all great ideas. I think I will share stories with Clay. He'll really like that.