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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Presentation 2015 requirments

RootsTech call for presentations

RootsTech is looking for dynamic speakers to present at RootsTech 2015. The purpose is to inform and educate all skill levels. Submissions open June 2-27, 2014.

What is RootsTech: RootsTech is a global family history event, it is three days and offers over 200 classes. It is always held at Salt Lake city Utah at the Salt Palace center. The last RootsTech, 2014 had 49 states and 32 countries participating. South Dakota please come!

What categories can I present in:
RootsTech needs, Beginning, intermediate, and advance classes for each subject.

Finding and Organizing: Search Tactics,
Resources, Specialized Tools, Methodologies,
Solutions, Metadata, Apps and Software
Preserving Your Work and Legacy: Family Trees,
Digital Migration, Audio and Video Solutions
Sharing: Social Media, Tools for Collaboration,
Wikis, Crowd Sourcing, Community Building, Blogs
Stories and Photos: Storytelling and Interviewing, Capturing Stories, Preserving Stories,
Enhancing Stories with Photos, Photo Restoration, Movies and Presentations, Photo Editing, Oral
Tools: Technology Introductions, Gadgets, Genetic Research, DNA, Breaking Down Barriers
General: Family History topics in general, including Geographic Research, Time-Period
Research, Inspirations, Market Trends, Research Trends, Adjacent Industries, Record Types.
(Please note that there is still an expectation in this category that technology is a part of the presented topic.)
Family Traditions and Lifestyle: Cultural Arts, Handicrafts, Food, Influential Historical Events,
Everyday Living Standards, Social Customs, Pastimes, Artifacts. (Please note that there is still an
expectation in this category that this knowledge assists the learner in family history and that technology is part of the presented topic.)

Innovators summit:
There are two categories to present in for innovators summit.

Developer (Innovator Summit): Standards and APIs, Mobile App development, Social
Applications, Record Imaging and Visualizations, Apps for Youth, Software and Tools that Enable
the Work of Family History.
Business (Innovator Summit): Funding and Investment, Startup success stories and tips,
Opportunities and Market Trends, Networking and Partnerships, Insights and Entertainment

Session Types:
All Sessions will be about an hour long including a Q&A period.

A class where the participants sit down and listen, it may include a poll to add interactive experience.

A computer lab is a hands-on workshop, where subject matter or training can be accomplished on a computer and done simultaneously by each attendee. These sessions should provide an interactive experience from which attendees go home with a finished product or next

Presenters may come together for a collaborative presentation on a particular topic or
answer questions from attendees. Presenters can be on-site, or presentations can include subject-matter experts in remote locations.

Submission process:
To submit your presentation for consideration for RootsTech 2015, please visit, and
click the submission link.
You will need to do the following:
Complete a short submission profile.
Submit your presentation title.
Submit a 40–50 word abstract for your proposed presentation. Please include learning objectives
for attendees, for example: “You will learn to add a name to your family tree.”
Submit a 100–200 word description of your session (Please list any programs, software, or
specific tools that you will in your session here.)
Submit a photograph of yourself (300 dpi .jpg, .eps, or .png file).
Submit a video of yourself presenting (optional).
Summarize any previous speaking experience and topics.
After you have successfully completed the process, you will receive an email from the RootsTech Team
confirming your submission.

Does the proposed session help attendees to discover their family stories?
Does technology play a role in the implementation of the topic discussed?
Does the topic speak to a broad audience of family history enthusiasts?
Are the ideas, methods, or subjects timely and relevant to attendees?
Is the subject matter fresh ?
Is the intent of the session clear and concise in the abstract and title?
Are the learning objectives well-defined?
Is the presenter knowledgeable and experienced on the topic submitted?
Is the presenter careful in the submission process to meet all requirements and willing to meet the
expectations if selected
What you can expect:
Speakers selected to present at RootsTech 2015 will receive:
One free full-conference pass.
A lunch voucher for each day of the conference.
Access to the speaker lounge.
Hotel accommodations (for out-of-state speakers presenting two or more sessions).
Because RootsTech is a nonprofit event, we do not pay speakers. We hope you will consider this conference
an investment since it is the largest live forum in the world to reach people with the insights and knowledge
you have to share.
In each classroom, RootsTech will supply:
A laptop computer.
A wired Internet connection.
A projector .
A screen.
A lavaliere microphone.
A handheld microphone.
In addition, computer labs will be equipped with a
computer station and a wired Internet connection for
each attendee in the class.
All other equipment required for your presentation
must be supplied by you or the attendees in your session. Please indicate in your course abstract whether
attendees will need to bring something with them to the session. Attendees will have access to wireless
Internet in the classrooms at the Salt Palace; however, connections are not always reliable or fast
because of the number of people on site at one time.
RootsTech reserves the right to edit session titles and abstracts. You will be notified and consulted if there is
a need to make changes to your title or abstract.
In 2015, we will require all speakers to provide a syllabus for their class sessions in both a Microsoft
Word format and a PDF format. Syllabi will be posted on for attendees to preview and
download. Having syllabi available allows attendees to make informed decisions about which classes to
attend during the conference. Presenters who do not submit syllabi by December 1, 2014, may not be
allowed to present at RootsTech.
We will record many class sessions for use on and at remote RootsTech events around the
world, in the year following RootsTech 2015. These recorded sessions will not be used for any purpose other
than on the RootsTech website and for remote RootsTech events. We will notify speakers by September 1, if
your class is selected for recording. You will be required to submit your presentation slides, syllabus, and
class handouts in an editable format such as PowerPoint or Microsoft Word, for translation by December 1,
2014. Your session will be translated into as many as 10 languages for use at RootsTech family history fairs.
You will be able to download the recording of your presentation for your own use as well.
If you have questions regarding the submission process or speaking at RootsTech 2015, please
contact us at

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