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Monday, May 19, 2014

Trying to get into presentations at Roots Tech

I was talking to my mom in the car the other day and Roots Tech came up. She said "I know there calling for presentations already!" I can't remember the details of the whole conversation but I told her I had considered trying to get a class, but had decided against the whole thing because I was 12. She said that they might let me! So last night I sent an email seeing if there was and age limit. I'm not sure yet, but I started on a power point. And who knows? I would either do a class on how to get the younger generation started, or a lab class on indexing.(I'm not sure how those lab classes work) So if you see, my class please come and join it. Well, if I do get in I'll probably write another post to get it out of my system. I also need to talk it over with my parents, see what they think if there okay with it, etc.

And if I'm not posting a whole lot, it might be because I'm working on the power point, and a ton of end of year testing. This summer will be a ton better with posting.    

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  1. I hope you do get in! You have a ton of knowledge and could teach a great class!