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Friday, May 16, 2014

The class

I decided I wanted to do a family history class for personal progress, I spent 5 hours on a PowerPoint for it! 5 hours, then of course our computer went down and it is missing. But it was still a spark. Our ward then decided to do a family history class. The class was awesome! Our agenda was obviously confusing, since we asked an adult family history consultant to conduct. He thought  he was just supposed to welcome everybody. My dad was busy setting up computers for the class at the moment and was really stressed. So I, having no idea what to do started trying to conduct. It was rough at the beginning, but in the end was great, and everybody who had a question got it answered. A bunch of inspired people left our house that day. I had helped someone get started, get more sources and firm up on what she was supposed to be doing. Overall it was an inspiring event, and we will most likely be doing it again. Next time I will try to remember to put the packet we gave them up on the blog.

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  1. how cool ruby! you should put up pictures from your class.