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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DNA for dummies

I am only in 7th grade science so I don't know  a lot, well anything really about DNA. But, it seems to be important in the genealogy world so I am going to learn about DNA.  From my understanding DNA makes you up.  You get it from your parents, I think DNA also decides what you  look like, that is all I know so I am going to  look stuff up right now.  But here are my questions I am going to answer.

What is DNA?

What does it look like?

How does it work?

How does it help with genealogy?

What are companies that can test your DNA?

On average how much does it cost?

What does DNA stand for?

What will it not do?


What is DNA:
Our body is filled with cells, but they have to know what to do, DNA tells them what to do. DNA is like the instructions for life. And that is about all I understood from how to explain DNA to a six year old.

What does it look like:
I think it will be best if I just put a picture:

How does it work:

DNA tells your cells what to do,  hence letting your body work.

How does it help with genealogy:

   If you go and test your DNA the scientist will check it out and see if you have any matches. The matches are the people who have similar DNA as you. The scientists tell you and you can discover the person you are related to. You get the idea.

What are companies that can test your DNA:

-Family tree DNA
-23 and me
and many many more.

On average how much does it cost:

It can cost anywhere in the range for 70 to 100+

What will it not do:

DNA is great and can tell you a lot.  But DNA can not tell you your relatives  who have not tested. It can not tell you a birthday or a death date.

What does DNA stand for:

Deoxyribonucleic Acid


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