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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Family History Conferences

I finally finished unpacking my Roots Tech bag. It was a black hole! I discovered a flier advertising the "conference on family history and genealogy" It is July 29 through August 1.  For more information you can go to On the paper it shows that there is one day of free youth classes and one free day of consultant training. I hope to go to both. I also hope to see many of you make it.

UGA is in town at Davis, Utah on April 25-26 it is going to be awesome! Sadley I can't make it to that one nor will my small budget allow it. Even so 20 bucks is not bad for a two day conference. 10 dollars a day and you will have a priceless learning experience on your hands.  For more information go to

The Ohio genealogical society is coming up in April. I am a little bit confused about there website, but that might be because I'm not registered. I hope you can make heads or tails about because I am sure it will be great. All genealogy conferences are.

This link will take you to more conference links after April. I will do another post at the end of April on the rest.

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