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Monday, March 10, 2014

Roots Tech

I recently went to Roots Tech with my dad, grandma, and mom and learned so much! One of my favorite classes was "Start with the heart".  It was amazing!  Roots Tech has so many things to offer!  The Expo Hall alone is impressive!  My grandma said "wow they weren't kidding when they said roots TECH!" The techie part for the people who have not been is, about 50 to 100 computers, the 2 or 3 recording groups, and if you take a hands on class there were most likely 1000 computers!  My grandma also enjoyed the recharge station, where you can plug in you electronics and charge up yourself with a free soda, sponsored by Dell. There were so many booths!  And every 15 minutes there were short demos done in the back blaze demo theater, it was very comfy, there were couches to sit on.  There was also Un- Conferencing in the expo hall where you could see longer presentations on different things.  Thursday, was the first day, my dad came with me. It was amazing! My first day at Roots tech. According to my Dad, people kept asking him if they could take my picture! On friday my grandma came with me, she and I discovered the free soda bar. She loved the free stuff in the expo hall. On Saturday, the last day, there were probably 8000 more people! They were youth, it was youth day, and family discovery day! You can get free expo hall passes, and free discovery day passes, and free youth day passes! I can't wait for next year. Roots Tech could be the best experience in your life! I will remember it forever, and the time I spent with my parents and grandparents.

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  1. Hi Ruby,

    I look forward to reading your ramblings in my blog reader every day.

    Good luck with the blog and finding your ancestors and their family history.

    All the best -- Randy Seaver