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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Family History Consultant

Today our ward had its first family history consultant meeting.  It focused more on the youth. My dad had me put together a packet for the meeting. I thought I would put some of the pages up.

Page one was about the training, I got it at the Start with the Heart class at Roots Tech.

Page two was an outline of family history:
Summary of Family History

·      Finding names
o    Ref. Tree to Temple
·      Indexing
o    Ref. Indexing
·      Memories
o    Family home evening
-Pictures to Coloring pages
 -Acting out family stories
 -Finding pictures/tagging people
 -Finding stories
 -Poster of a family side

Page three is how to index, this is the page:

Indexing instruction credit goes to Family Search

How to Index:

1.Go to and click Get Started.
2.Follow the download instructions.
3.Open the indexing program using the new indexing icon on your desktop.
4.Sign in with your FamilySearch or LDS Account.
5.Enter your profile information.
6.Read and agree to the license agreement.
7.Click Download Batch.
8.Select a project to index.
To download a set (or batch) of obituaries to index, do the following:
1.While in the indexing program, click the Download Batch button.
2.Select Show all projects.
3.Scroll down to US indexing projects, and select a project that includes the word “Obituaries.”
4.Click OK.

5.A message will pop up offering help. Use the help resources as needed, and then click Close to begin indexing the batch.

Page four is other stuff:

·      Download the LDS tools app on your electronics there are lots of family history resources on there

·      Training is online at:

·      No one has all the answers, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”

·      Always follow up

·      Helper numbers allow you to look at the persons family tree later

 ·      Register on to receive information and updates on your calling

 ·      On Billion Graves website if “index” gravestones then you can have the updates you would have paid for, for free

 ·      There are many Genealogy apps

Page Five was sources:

Sources for Researching:











 That was basically the packet.

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  1. Thanks for simplifying everything. It can be so overwhelming.