RootsTech Conference

Monday, March 10, 2014

My story

I discovered genealogy when I was about ten. Yes, I am 12. My story is not your average story.  I started by indexing.  My dad was Beta testing Family Searches new indexing app.  He never used it and he helped me discover it by letting me use his iPad too index.  I learned that it was fun! I soon became addicted and downloaded it on the computer.  I index till it was almost my twelfth birthday. I wanted names to take to the temple. I went onto family search, logged on and worked through my family tree. I have found over 400 names now.  I just got called as a family history consultant and have started to expand my tree. I love genealogy and hope to provide helpful tips. I love family history, it has blessed me in so many ways, and even if you aren't a member discovering the stories of your families is time well spent.


  1. You have a great story! The best part of your story is how far you taking it. You are teaching others and that's awesome. I am so proud of you.

  2. I love your blog! We have some things in common. I started when I was young too! And I also blog a "Spiritual Sunday" quote each week. Check out my blog: and read "My Story" too. I can't wait to meet you at RootsTech 2016 as a fellow Ambassador!

    1. I'm excited to meet you to Amy! I checked out your blog, its awesome!