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Monday, March 24, 2014

Indexing, the genealogy powerhouse

Indexing is quite arguably the most important part of family history. It provides all the information! You need information to fill in your family tree, but you don't have time to go get the records and decipher them. Indexing provides a better way! You have the records, that you need! Even if Murphy's law says that the record you needed was in the courthouse that burned down. You USALLY can find the record you need. If you can't with all the new partnerships that are going to go into action soon, you will get the one record that you have spent years trying to find. Just Ancestry and Family Search combined is a huge amount more! Some of the other partnerships include:
-My Heritage and Family Search
-DC Thomson and Family Search
-Billion Graves and My Heritage
The list goes on and on, but I know it will be an improvement to the genealogy society. Back to indexing. Indexing will provide millions with their family research that they needed.  Download the indexing program now! To make it fun have a "Friendly Indexing Challenge" with a prize. Indexing is a great way to start! Thats how I started and who knows when it will end? I almost hope never because genealogy can be a great thing in life and also the greatest time waster in life because of that "one record"! We need to get more people involved in this great work of filling out your family tree!

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