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Sunday, March 23, 2014

YOUth can do it

I got called as a family history consultant 2 or 3 weeks ago.  My mom was out of town and my dad was up on the stand when I was called. So I had all 5 kids ages 1 to 10 and I almost didn't hear when they asked me to stand. It was fast and testimony meeting, and a older lady went up to bear her testimony and in the process of bearing it she asked me to help her. I went to her house a week later and spent longer than expected there. We repeated everything about 5 times. 2 hours later we only had to do things twice! It was an amazing experience though.  She was thrilled and kept asking how I had learned, and saying how amazing the whole process was. She found 80 to 90 names in one day! She asked questions and got answers. I also learned that things can happen on accident. She had a great, great, great, etc. grandmother who's name was Agnes. She and I tried to view Agnes's tree and Agnes's name was suddenly Ann. Agnes had disappeared. (anyone know what happened?) Yet another proof that no one has all the answers. I hope I can figure it out because she really loves family history now and feels like she can do it. I walked away feeling like I needed to know more. I also walked away with helper numbers for her and her husband.  I loved the experience of helping her. If you do your family history, great! You will save 100's of people! If you teach a person they/you save 1000's . If the person you taught teaches other people they you have saved millions! In conclusion, help the people! If you help the people your testimony and theirs will be strengthened.

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