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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My tree stopped!

I am always frustrated when my family tree stops, I want to fill it in! But sometimes you don’t need to go on this big long hunt for things that have already be found.  You can check the Possible duplicates on familysearch and who knows?  You may just find what you were looking for.  Plus, you will be getting rid of a duplicate and helping someone else with their tree!  There is also the search records button that can be a valuable resource, all the indexed records that are related to the person you are looking for will show up.  Some people don’t have any yet. But in the end with all the records there are, everyone has a record. There are also going to be new records coming, for more information look at this link, and this one,

The partnerships are going to be a great resource, and with all the new records coming in family trees should fill in more quickly!

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